Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hey pals. Exciting news! Our spring /summer collection is now live!  Shop here.

We created another wild set full of paper mache goodies This time it's a beach party! And a boat trip to COOL GIRL ISLAND where our beautiful model Petra finds a treasure chest full of Falconwright bags. Spring is in the air, and I bet you are just as excited for a trip to the beach as we are.

Big thanks to Petra for being such a beauty. Thanks to Jason and Tim for helping us take such fun photos. Thanks to Rob, Lee, Shayna, Tim, Mike, Kieran, Corrie, and Tallulah for helping us do some beachy paper mache. We couldn't have done it without you guys!

Take a peek at the new bags! We've got a fresh new mini size for all you phone case lovers and sunglass carriers in the house. And of course we've got a whole slew of BRAND NEW patterns for you to check out along with some old favourites: Leaves! Grass! Cacti! Reversible Bags! Sprinkles! Eyes! Pineapples! And more.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Hi Guys! I hope this colourful array of emoticons properly conveys my FEELINGS about this past year. Love, love, love! Dancing. Pineapples. Beers. Stars. And a little Santa for good measure.

It has been a truly incredible year. In 2013 Danielle and I got to do a TON of work that we're really proud of. We were able to develop and maintain relationships with a lot of amazing retailers we admire. We've had the opportunity to meet a bunch of amazing new friends via our work and the Internet in general. And we had the pleasure of sending our bags all over the world to the most supportive, enthusiastic customers two girls could hope for. It's truly mind blowing to think about how many people have a little piece of Falconwright in their lives :)

We continue being so inspired by our community of talented makers. Hats off to all the small biz people out there putting in hours and making amazing things with their hands.

A big huge THANK YOU to everyone for your support this year. We couldn't continue to do this without you, and we're both getting pumped for an equally awesome (and snack filled) 2014.

Happy Holidays!
Sandi & Danielle

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


So excited to share a really big project that we worked on- an exclusive collection of card holders for Madewell!! Madewell is one of our favourite brands and we were totally thrilled to work with them on a line of card holders for their online and brick and mortar stores. You can check out the collection here!  

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Things have been awful quiet on the blog as of late- but only because we've been working our fingers to the bone in the studio and staying away from our computer screens. Because you know what guys? CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! And here's a little reminder of our holiday shipping dates for our regular shipping to arrive in time for the holidays:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Breaking news: we've made some brand new eyeball bags! Blue cardholders, cotton candy pink clutches, and (drumroll)....A GOLD CLUTCH.We call this one Golden Eye. Imagine bringing this to your holiday parties this season? Wearing it with a black dress? Or with a black sweatsuit? The possibilities are endless! Note: This clutch is a little bit higher in price because of this beautiful, glitzy leather.

But that's not all. We've got a few other new items too. A turquoise clutch with white snake skin! A fresh supply of leopard clutches! A new leopard cardholder to match your other leopard bags! A couple restocked items that had sold out & more! Check everything out in our shop here.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


News: We'll be at the One Of A Kind Show this year! It will run November 28th - December 8th in Toronto at The Direct Energy Centre. 

Anabela recently took some pics and interviewed us for the One Of A Kind Nice To Meet You series. Check out the photo and interview. We talk about spirit animals and how much Kanye West we listen to. The photo above was taken outside of Fanny Chadwick's - home of our favourite ceasar salad in all the land. Anabela answered some questions too! As you can see from the past number of blog posts, we've been doing a bunch of things with Anabela lately ;) Good times!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 OH HEY. Here are some behind the scenes shots from our spirit animal lookbook!

Above: finished snake mask/snake eye close-up.
Below: Danielle trying on her mask pre-mâché.
PEACE!!! Ssssssss.

Scales on scales on scales. 
Painting the snakes was the best part.

Mess town.

Masking tape is for...MASKS.

Fact: Anabela is a pro snake arranger.

Impatiently waiting for everything to dry.

Anabela & Caitlyn looking cute after the shoot. 
Check out Caitlyn's vintage Falconwright wallet ;)