Monday, November 26, 2012


Sojourn is the ceramic outlet of Shayna Stevenson. Shayna crafts gorgeous handmade necklaces, and this is her very first event. Just look at those beauties above! A variety of pretty glazes, good shapes, neat colour combos, and some very cool dotted beads. If you want to be one of the very first people to wear Shayna's amazin' glazin' - this is your opportunity! And if you aren't in Toronto, don't fret, an online shop will open in the near future. YES.

Shayna suggested that we take a ceramics course together last winter, which was awesome.  We got to make lots of neat stuff, and also some really weird stuff (ceramic egg shakers? whyyyyy?), and she's been marching forward, doing all kinds of cool things with clay at home and elsewhere ever since! And she's also going to school on top of this. The girl knows how to work.

Fun facts: Shayna's favourite drink is Spicebox whiskey and she's never met a dog she hasn't liked. She was the very first look book model we ever had too (see above: brains and beauty, folks)! She's also really good at having 3 hour dinners with me ;)

More Sojourn: blog & instagram.

The studio sale is in 4 days! The countdown is officially ON. We are making decorations and planning snacks and generally getting REALLY PUMPED around here.  FB event here.

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