Thursday, November 8, 2012


*FUN NEWS ALERT* We're having a studio sale / party on Thursday November the 29th. It's gonna be THE BEST. If you live in Toronto, you should definitely come! 

Where: Falconwright Studio - 501 Dupont Street (just West of Bathurst on Dupont). Our doors will be wide open between the hours of 6 - 10 pm. Drop by early, come late, stop in anytime! Wanna mark it in your calendar? You can find the Facebook event here.

What to expect: refreshments, neat stuff, good company, and a soundtrack by DJ Caitlyn Murphy (hitz!). Also featuring: things you can buy, should you desire a new treat or want to get all your Holiday shopping done in one convenient cozy little pop up mini mall. You will find handmade goods by the following people: 

Falconwright (pattern heavy leather goods)
Fieldguided (pretty tote bags, prints, scarves)
Caitlyn Murphy (cool art stuff, prints, zines, cards)
Sojourn (great ceramic necklaces)
Goodnight, Day (excellent knitwear)

We're SO pumped to be hosting an event alongside these super talented folks. Stay tuned throughout the month for more detailed blog talk about these guys! Fun fact: this lineup contains TWO of our three past lookbook models!

And if you're not in the market to shop, you should still drop by and check out what we've done with the place talk to your friends, eat some snacks, be refreshed, and generally enjoy some cozy party time on Dupont Street.

Like, check out these sweet tables! Danielle's Mom had all these old wardrobe shelves (a wardrobe for giants apparently) and we made them into table tops. We are seriously lucky to have Danielle's awesome Ontario family/country hookups.


  1. I love "pattern heavy leather goods"!!!

    Love love love all the new rad designs and prints. You two are the best!

  2. Ah! This sounds totally cool. Wishin' I could attend.

  3. OH MAN, I can't wait to see those tables (and any other tricks you've got up your sleeves) in person!

  4. Anja: SO HEAVY. Haha. Thank you!!!

    Darcy: :)

    Shayna: SO MANY TABLES. We have 5 tables now! Tables for daaaays.